AMSpiriT V1.0 RC1!

AMSpiriT V1.0 RC1!

(Edit 04-29): RC1.01 update. A new version 1.01 is now available with minor UX improvements, better joystick detection, better CDT handling, thanks to your feedback. This release passes the new series of tests available in Shaker 2.6, including some fixes in CRTC 4 (split border)

After 6 years of hard work, starting as one-man-project, AMSpiriT has grown in a way that was completely unexpected for me. Almost 3 years after the first official release, I am now very happy, and proud to announce it's no longer in beta version. This couldn't be possible without the support of many people, especially (in alphabetical order) : BDCIron, Candy, Ced, CheshireCat, DarkSteph, Floboune, Fred (Fugitif) , FredCrazy, Ldir_Hector, Longshot, LordHeavy, Overflow, Ricolaoz, Siko, and Tronic. You've helped me a lot during this journey. Thank you!

Road to 2.0

The next major release of AMSpiriT is going to be a giant leap: it will consist of the complete and accurate emulation of the CPC+ series (including GX4000). I know many people have asked for this, and i want to take the time to make it properly.
In between, me and AMSpiriT team, we'll have a few surprises for you, especially for developers, and other platforms/operating systems users.

Last, but not least, as we have now reached a milestone in term of accuracy, we'll start working on optimizing the code. Accuracy has a cost, but we certainly can do better in term of performances. As you can see, there's still a long road ahead!

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

If you encounter any issue, or find (or even create) a program not working properly under AMSpiriT (on of course working on a real CPC!) please contact us, or join our community discord server. This is very important! We are spending a lot of time to test many programs, and try to avoid regressions between releases as much as possible, but mistakes can always happen. Only You can help us to create the best CPC emulator ever!

Quick Change Log

  • IPF and HFE file formats are now supported.
  • Binary files (with AMSDOS header) can be loaded into ram by dragging them onto emulator's window.
  • More and better command line options. Common file formats are automatically detected.
  • Improved UX and interface
  • Extended RAM support, up to 4MB
  • Note: "Insert" key has been replaced by "ALT" key for emulating 'COPY' key on CPC keyboard
  • Note: Disks are protected by default. It will be changed in next release. You can change this option in configuration page.
  • Note: In some (rare) cases, you'll have to select hardware mixer instead of software mixer to get sounds - in particular with digitalized sounds.
  • And as always, some bug fixes, including a major AY emulation fix, FDC timings adjustments, and a better handling of a couple of Z80 opcodes.

File Download

...and don't forget: IPF is not a gadget ;)